Beat Laminitis for good.

Introducing Desmosphyrine- The first effective product for treating acute laminitis.

Did you know?

Horses lose their battle with laminitis annually. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Introducing: Desmosphyrine

The first effective product for treating acute laminitis.

Developed by experienced farrier, Derrick Cooke, CJF

Produced by Equine Podiatry Solutions

Driven by the desire to provide longterm healing for horses suffering with acute laminitis

The first of its kind

Desmosphyrine uses Superoxide Dismutase to protect the basal membrane from Reactive Oxygen Species and preserves the Desmosimal Bonds of the lamina when caught in time.

About Equine Podiatry Solutions

At Equine Podiatry Solutions, we are committed to being the industry leader and standard for treating acute laminitis. Our passion for seeing horses healthy and at peak performance drives our mission to providing healing. 

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